Brow Shaping

Frame your eyes with a brow shaping by one of our resident makeup artists. We will create a gorgeous shape through tweezing – more precise and gentle toward the skin than waxing – to make the most perfect and flattering brow to complement your face and eye shape. Please allow 30 minutes for a Brow Shaping. Brow Tinting is available, too!

Brow Shaping $55
Tinting $20

Brow Shaping Series: Brow Shaping plus 5 Grooming sessions $195 ($35 Savings)

Brow Grooming

After Wonderland has shaped your brows, maintain the look with subsequent brow groomings. Guys – a Brow Grooming can neaten you up, too! Please allow 15 minutes for a Brow Grooming. Brow Tinting is available, too!

Brow Grooming $35
Tinting $20

Brow Grooming Series: 5 Maintenance Sessions $175 ($35 savings)