For Best Results

a few tips for an optimal Beauty Parlor experience:

• We love children.  We really do.  But when it comes to the Beauty Parlor, we believe that less is more. So that you and everyone around you can relax and enjoy the experience at Wonderland without worrying about looking after your little heir/heiress, we kindly request that you make alternate arrangements for your child if you are going to be making a visit.

• Arrive a few minutes in advance of your scheduled appointment to allow yourself time to check in, change into a robe, use the WC, and enjoy a pink lemonade or glass of bubbly while you peruse the boutique. This way your stylist has the whole time that you are scheduled for to carefully work on your look.

• If there is a look that you come across that you would like to adopt, don’t hesitate to bring the photo in.  Even if the look may not work with your particular hair type or be flattering to your skin coloring, your stylist will be able to adapt a more suitable look for you along similar lines.  Showing your stylist photographs of styles or colors that you like helps the stylist to become more familiar with your individual likes and dislikes.

• Everyone seems to have a different opinion on what an inch is. So that your hair is the length that you want it to be, show your stylist with your hands where you’d like your hair to fall.

• Let your stylist know about any hair habits you may have, such as tucking your hair behind your ears or pulling your hair into a ponytail at any opportunity.  Taking your habits into consideration will help the stylist to create the best do for you!

• A moving target is hard to hit. To ensure a precise cut and/or placement of color, sit up straight (see, your mother was right!), keep your feet flat on the floor, and look forward and stay still.

• Stay current with your hair products!  Brands change, new tools are developed, and trends shift. Your stylist is happy to make recommendations for products that will assist you in achieving your desired finish.

• We respectfully request that you turn your cell phone off while folks are working on your hair at Wonderland.  Cradling a phone on your shoulder does not lend itself to a perfect hair cut.