Nails are another way we can help you to express yourself. From short classics to jeweled talons, Wonderland offers immaculate manicuring using nontoxic polish and soy based remover by Priti NYC. Please allow 30 minutes for a Classic manicure with polish or a Buff, 45 minutes for a Frenchie and 15 minutes for a down and dirty Polish Change.

Classic $22

Frenchie $30

Buff $25

Polish Change $15

Nail Art and Extensions

Intricate nail art and flawless extensions are available direct from Japan! Extensions and adornments are created with a nail strengthening gels that last up to a month and allow for artistic expressions ranging from the 40’s style “Moon” manicure to airbrushed graffiti to rhinestoned and glittered extravaganzas. Please allow 90 minutes for extensions, 30 for their removal and at least 30 minutes for art.

Clear Gel Manicure $45

Colored Gel Manicure $55

Gel Extensions + $10 per nail

Art, Rhinestones, Glitter and Graduations from + $25

Gel Removal $20