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Name: Bex Noethiger

Instagram: @bex_hair_art

Star Sign: Scorpio

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

The Aesthetic of My Work as a Hairstylist: I create cool, casual, very precise styles. I am very detailed and meticulous about my work. 

What I Bring to the Styling Floor: Enthusiasm and passion!  I love what I do! Coloring and cutting hair is an art to me, and making people feel good while I create art is the best way I can think of to spend my days.

How I Found My Way To Wonderland:  I've kept an eye on Wonderland since it opened years ago and always admired it for its aesthetics and quality work. After years of working as a stylist in other downtown salons, I'm excited that the timing is right for me to find a new home in Wonderland.

My #1 Beauty Rule Is: Don't avoid haircuts just because you want long hair. Your hair may always be growing from the roots but without frequent trims the ends will keep splitting, and it will never seem as if it is getting to the length you want. And let's face it – split, broken ends just aren't pretty. Save yourself from having to try to repair avoidable damage, and get a small trim every 6-8 weeks.

A Good Hair Day Means: Confidence! When you have a good hair day, everything else just falls into place. Good hair completes the package and makes us feel more beautiful.

Most Valued Quality in a Wonderland Guest: Friendly and kind

Sources of Inspiration: People. People inspire me everyday in so many ways. From unique personal style to individual personalities, I usually find a little something in everyone I meet that intrigues me. However, my main source of inspiration is nature. I love color, and there is so much color all around, every day of every season. One can always find something beautiful.

Style Icons: 90's Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Lawrence

Top Model: Adriana Lima

Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen

Favorite Film: The Lost Boys

Favorite Artist:  Alex Grey

Best Madonna Song: Like a Prayer

My Hidden Talent Is: Singing