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Name: Madeleine Katz   

Instagram: colormemad_

Star Sign: Aries

Hometown: NYC

The Aesthetic of My Work as a Hairstylist:  Daring color with softness and sex appeal

What I Bring to the Styling Floor: Color that's custom tailored to your features, and highlights where the sun would put ‘em

How I Found My Way To Wonderland: There is a God

My #1 Beauty Rule Is: Healthy is beautiful

A Good Hair Day Means: It’s going to be a good day all around

Most Valued Quality in a Wonderland Guest: Loyalty and good conversation

Sources of Inspiration: Paris Vogue, New York City

Style Icons: Jane Birkin, Jerry Garcia, Winona Ryder circa ‘91

Top Model: Kate Moss

Favorite Designer: Gucci, ODLR, Givenchy

Favorite Film: Liar Liar

Favorite Artist: Salvator Dali, Mondrian, Roy Lichtenstein

Best Madonna Song: Ray of Light

My Hidden Talent Is: Making pizza :)