Reasons to see Just Go With It

1. Brooklyn Deckers big screen debut! Go Brooklyn!

2. Michael Angelo‘s handiwork on Brooklyn’s gorgeous head!

3. Brooklyn’s smokin hot bod in a teeny tiny yellow bikini!

Reasons to see Immigration Tango

1. Carlos Leon’s award winning performance. (Best Actor, Boston Int’l Film Festival)

2. Michael Angelo‘s haircut on Carlos’ handsome head.

3. Carlos’ smokin hot bod in a teeny tiny blue speedo! (@ 1:12 in the trailer)

Izabel Goulart by Annastasia and Karina!

When Women Management entrusted Wonderland with supermodel Izabel Goulart‘s image for the SI 2011 launch and David Letterman show we enlisted dynamic duo Annastasia Konidaris and Karina Montoya who’s knack for sexbomb hair and makeup knows no bounds! Great work ladies!

Constance Jablonski for Estee Lauder

Constance Jablonski‘s super delicate highlights, courtesy of Scott “Scooter” English, couldn’t look more ethereal than they do in this new spot for Estee Lauder’s Pleasures Bloom.

Brooklyn Decker shows us her… highlights?

If you can keep your eyes on her hair for just a sec, you’ll see Michael‘s highlights in motion on Brooklyn‘s locks! And when you’re done with that check her out on the cover of the “Women We Love” issue of  Esquire where she’s looking absurdly hot!

Our manicurist left us for Lady Gaga!

Rah-Rah-Go-Aya! Aya-Fu-Ku-Da!

Meanwhile, back at the Beauty Parlor, Mayumi Abuku just came back from a trip home to Japan and she brought brand spankin’ new UV Soak Off Gels back to Wonderland with her! And there’s nothing she can’t do with them!

And in loving memory of Aya’s time with us here’s NylonTV’s feature on the joys of nail art in Wonderland: