Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Art. Beauty. Design. Studio.

About Wonderland

Wonderland Beauty Parlor is a full service hair salon providing haircut, hair color, color corrections, hair smoothing, hair conditioning, hair styling, manicure, makeup, eyebrow grooming, eyebrow tinting, wedding styling, headshots and portraits for supermodels and New Yorkers in the know.


Historically, Michelangelo was a Renaissance sculptor, painter, architect and poet, Wonderland was located underground, and Alice reached it by traveling down a rabbit hole. Today, Michael Angelo is a hairdresser, makeup artist, photographer and designer, Wonderland is located in the heart of NYC’s West Chelsea, and while you don’t have to travel down a rabbit hole to get there, when you arrive you will be transported to an imaginative playground, where fantasy becomes reality and beauty dreams come true.

Wonderland’s Artists are as diverse, distinct and dazzling as the space itself. Michael meticulously grooms talent who thoughtfully fuse the vision of Wonderland with an individual style all their own. Because of this, they have cultivated a cult-like following of fiercely loyal clients who flock to Wonderland seeking the absolute best of beauty.

Whether working with Michael or his Artists, Wonderland’s guests all experience his visionary approach to beauty—whimsical, smart, sexy and fun.