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Wonderland Photo Studio

Beauty is what we do, photography is how Michael Angelo immortalizes it. Using the tips, tricks and techniques that have made him the modeling industries secret weapon, we will work with you to make your beauty dreams come true! Wonderland's Photography Sessions include creative direction, editing, retouching and most importantly, gorgeous hair and makeup by our insanely talented Creative Team! 

Photography Consultation

Our Sessions begin with consultation to help determine the best Session for you. Please allow 30 minutes for a Photography Consultation.

Photography Consultation $100, to be applied to the Session of your choice  

PortraiT SeSsions

From personal portraits to professional headshots, we'll focus our lens on your head and shoulders in hair and makeup designed to show off your most natural beauty, either inside the studio or in our incredibly photogenic neighborhood! Please allow at least 2 hours for a Portrait Session.

One Look, Natural Light from $750

One Look, Studio Light from $850

Fashion & Beauty Sessions

Looking for more glamour? A fashion or beauty session will make your "model for a day" dreams come true! Extra emphasis on hair, makeup and maximum beauty! Please allow at least 4 hours for a Fashion or Beauty Session.

Three Looks, Natural Light from $1200

Three Looks, Studio Light from $1400

Location Sessions

Designed to showcase your lifestyle, location sessions can be sweet and cozy images at home to smolderingly sexy shots in your favorite locale! Please allow at least 6 hours for a Location Session.

Three Looks, Natural Light from $1750

Three Looks, Studio Light from $2000

Behind The Scenes

Bring your Session to life for your social media or scrapbook by adding Behind the Scenes photography. You and your fans can have a fly-on-the-wall look at you getting into hair, makeup and wardrobe as well as on set and in front of the camera!

Behind the Scenes photography $75 per hour

What Do I Need To Know?

Just like a great haircut, a great photoshoot starts with a thoughtful and thorough consolation. We'll make sure you are super comfortable and ready for your shoot, we might even put you on a beauty regime to prep you for your big day! Below are a few of our most frequently asked questions....

How many images do I get?

We'll go through your images and curate a collection of the most flattering photos. Then we will work with you to select two photographs of each look to be retouched. Additional images may be retouched and purchased for an additional price. 

What constitutes a look?

A look is a hair, makeup and/or wardrobe change, built upon the initial look. (If that's confusing, don't worry! We can talk more about looks during your consultation.) We are always happy to discuss additional looks, there may be extra costs associated.

What do I need to bring? 

Clothes. Unless you prefer to be photographed without them. We'll talk...

How should I prepare?

Just bring us your beautiful self, well hydrated, well rested, exfoliated, moisturized and with clean, dry hair. We'll take care of the rest!

What about my hair and makeup?

Our greatest passion! We can work with what you've got or we can team up with you over a span of time to develop the most photogenic color, cut and brow that we can dream up! On the day of your shoot we'll have Wonderland's artists at the ready to prep, primp, and polish you into perfection! (Picture Dorothy before she goes off to see the Wizard.)

I'M SO NERVOUS! Will you direct me so I don't look like a dork?

OMG! Of course we will. You'll feel safe and relaxed because we are lovers over here.We're working toward the same goal, an awesome picture of you, and a fun day creating it! We have great music by our house DJ or you can bring your own tunes, and there's always a bottle of bubbly in the fridge!

How much retouching will you do?

We'll make sure you look like a perfectly polished YOU (removing stray hairs, blemishes, dark circles) but we won't give you someone else's face or body and we won't drop you into a background that wasn't there.

Define "neighborhood"

While we often shoot inside Wonderland we also love the beauty of our neighborhood and the natural light that bathes it. We're not TOO strict about it, but generally speaking we try and stay within 10 blocks of Wonderland. That gets us easy access to the Meatpacking District, Highline, Hudson River Park, West Village and Chelsea. Cobblestone streets, grafittied walls, tree-lined blocks, the Hudson River and the New York City skyline are all within steps of our door.

How long will it take to view my images?

We'll have an edited set of proofs for you to choose from within a week of your shoot date. Once final images have been selected retouching goes  fairly quickly, usually within a day or two...

Do you do reshoots?

We do not do reshoots. We shoot digitally and preview your shots as we go. 

Social Media & Copyright

You're are free to use images for headshot, social media, personal websites and casting purposes. Please credit all social media posts @wonderlandbeautyparlor. For all other uses, especially press annoucements, magazine (print & online) and print media, music or advertising purposes please contact Wonderland directly.


By shooting with us you agree to these terms.


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