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Hair Coloring

Hair Color services include highlights, balayage, hair repair, color correction, single process, and root touch-up.

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We take hair color seriously. Which isn’t to say we don’t have fun with it. It is precisely why we have been entrusted with the delicate process of coloring hair for some of the most photographed women in the world. Our educated and experienced artists use the highest quality hair colors and conditioning agents to bring to life a glorious range of shades, from undetectably enhanced to positively whimsical.


Highlights are as individual as our wonderful guests, so we want to give your hair one-of-a-kind sparkle! Sometimes we foil, sometimes we balayage (hand-paint), and sometimes we do both to achieve a desired result. Highlights should be touched up every ten to twelve weeks.

EXTRA-LARGE aka “THE faux-layage”

The service addresses haircolor needs by using different techniques throughout the hair. Foils are used near the roots for a cleaner, more precise coloration; balayage is done on the ends, allowing for a softer, blended color-wash. The result: precision that blends seamlessly into a soft gradation; haircolor that looks casual, yet still fresh and clean.  

Please allow at least 150 minutes for an EXTRA-LARGE Highlight.



The whole kit and caboodle! With a LARGE Highlight, color is distributed between the hairline and nape, resulting in a thorough application of sparkling, sun-kissed color. 

Please allow at least 120 minutes for a LARGE Highlight.



With a MEDIUM Highlight, color is distributed to lighten the frame of the face and crown of the head, to add contrast, or to lend more dimension to a haircut. 

Please allow at least 105 minutes for a MEDIUM Highlight.



Lending a kiss of dimension to the overall look, a SMALL Highlight is a great way to lighten and brighten baby bits without getting deeply committed to highlighting.

It’s also a great add-on to a Single Process. Please allow at least 75 minutes for a SMALL Highlight.



Eyeing a little too much shadow near your scalp? A smudge between highlights ought to do the trick! We’ll freshen your base to blend away any obvious regrowth. This is the perfect service extender, meant to keep your hair in its best possible condition! Please allow 45 minutes for a smudge.


Single Process

A Single Process creates even, gleaming color from roots to ends, and offers 100% coverage of any and all natural pigments of the hair. Multiple formulations may be used to create balance between root and end shades, and dimension can be added through nuanced toning. 

Please allow at least 90 minutes for a Single Process.


Single Process Retouch

A Single Process should be touched up at the root every four to six weeks, and the ends generally need refreshing every eight to twelve weeks.

Please allow at least 75 minutes for a Single Process Retouch.



A Gloss is less of a commitment than a Single Process, yet still long-lasting – an ideal way to audition a color that is brighter or deeper than your natural tone. Perfect for adding lots of shine to natural color or to Highlights that may have lost their luster due to exposure to the elements. 

Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Gloss.



If your hair color is too dark to achieve the color of your dreams with a Single Process, then a Double Process is for you! A Virgin Double Process is a multi-step procedure that involves lightening the hair in multiple steps before tinting it to the desired tone. Please allow all day for a First Time (Virgin) Double Process.

The price is commensurate with the complexity of the process, please visit us for a consultation.


A Double Process should be touched-up at the root every two to four weeks. This is VERY IMPORTANT, as body heat near the scalp has a major effect on your hair color! 

Please allow at least 105 minutes for a Double Process Retouch.



Wonderland to the rescue! If you’ve made a mistake attempting to color your hair at home – oops! – or if your hair has been made a less than desirable hue by a well-intentioned person, a Color Correction will save your Sugar, Honey and Iced Tea! A Color Correction may also be needed for guests making a challenging color change and can involve a combination of Single Processes, Double Processes, Partial Highlights and/or Full Highlights.

The price is commensurate with the complexity of the correction, please visit us for a consultation.