Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor
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Hair Styling

Styling services include blow out, up do, chignon, bun, braids, curling, straightening. Tools: blow dryer, flat iron, curling iron, beachwaver, bobby pins.


We encourage you to book an appointment for a Styling whenever the mood hits, whether you need to look amazing for the blitz of the paparazzi’s flashbulbs or just want to feel like the gorgeous star you are! 

Styling services are included with our compliments when you receive a Cut, but they are add-on services when Color is performed.

around the world

A full-on glamour blow-out! Perfect for when you want your style to look absolutely flawless and photo-shoot ready! A definite must for longer, thicker hair, too. Please allow at least 30 minutes for an Around the World.


Around the World…and then some

Our signature blow-out with an extra kick! Just like an Around the World, but enhanced with curling irons, flat irons, crimping irons, rollers or any other extras that we choose to get your hair red-carpet ready. Please allow at least 45 minutes for an Around the World…and then some.


Around the World…and then some more

Lengthy, thicker manes get the glamazon treatment with a blow-out made for tons of hair! This blow-out involves the same T.L.C. (tools, love and commitment) as the Around the World…and then some, but we’ll be putting in a little more muscle. Please allow at least 60 minutes for an Around the World…and then some more.



A speedy yet no less satisfying blow-out after Color Services. Perfect for when you’re in a rush but still want to look like you’ve been to the Beauty Parlor…or if your hair is shorter or if your ‘do simply doesn’t require the time that goes into an Around the World. Please allow at least 15 minutes for a Quickie.



Sometimes our Chignons are glamorous, chic and done; other times they are tumbling, loose and undone – but never any less chic. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Chignon.



We offer Tutorials so that you can replicate your Wonderland Beauty Parlor look at home. Please allow at least 45 minutes for a Tutorial.