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The atmosphere is undeniably fun, as if you’ve wound up backstage at the Paris shows and the theme is the Coney Island boardwalk. Not to mention he’s been one of the biggest names in the fashion and beauty industries for years. It’s all a treat for the eyes, as well as your hair (and nails and brows).

~ Coveteur

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NEW YORK'S SLEEKEST SALONS ~ “Located in the Meatpacking District, Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor is part hair salon, part boutique and part exhibition space.”


MEET THE HAIRSTYLIST WHO FIXES UP ROOKIE MODELS ~ "Twice a year, before the hullabaloo that is fashion month, hairstylist (and colorist and makeup artist) Michael Angelo's beauty boutique and salon, Wonderland Beauty Parlor, has a constant stream of models with cool cuts walking out the doors. Just this season alone, he and his team were responsible for sprucing up 93 heads of hair, from Ruby Aldridge to Erin O'Connor, plus a slew of other, yet-unknown new faces.” READ MORE

~ Thecut.com

THE NEW SEATS OF POWER ~ "At Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor, the archly named pink palace of hair in the meatpacking district, a litter of models and young actresses like Brooklyn Decker, whom Mr. Angelo took from blond to brunette in October, often chat in the chairs." READ MORE



ADVENTURES IN HIGH-FASHION HAIR EXTENSIONS ~ Balmain Hair (the hair line is a licensee of the French fashion house, and the pieces even have little Balmain labels, like the ones hanging at Barneys)—are 100% human-hair extensions that, in my case, were clip-ins and came with a spirit guide: the wonderful Michael Angelo of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland, a tinsel-strewn, mermaid-barbie-dwelling salon and shop in New York’s Meatpacking District. READ MORE


COUNTDOWN TO PROM: PROM PERFECT HAIR ~ "Michael Angelo, hairstylist and owner of Michael Angelo’s Wonderland Beauty Parlor in New York City, shares his tips to achieve perfect hair for prom." READ MORE    

~Teen Vogue

HELP IS ON THE WAY: SEVEN LAST MINUTE FIXES FOR COMMON BRIDAL FREAKOUTS ~ “Michael Angelo’s Wonderland will knock the Don King right out of your hair.”


OBJECT OF THE DAY, SCRATCH AND SNIFF WALLPAPER ~ "This is one of my favorite novelty papers as it is not only visually attractive but appeals to a number of other senses as well. I find myself drawn to the use of complementary colors, with the bright red cherries on the green foil background. Designed by Michael Angelo and produced by Flavor Paper, Cherry Forever is the first commercially produced scratch & sniff wallpaper so it also appeals to one’s sense of smell." READ MORE

~ Smithsonian COOPER HEWITT, NATIONAL Design Museum


THE LIPSTICK PORTRAITS ~ "Michael Angelo is raising awareness behind the senusality of a red lippy with his exhibition The Lipstick Portraits... "In the world of fashion and beauty, a red lipstick is an effective symbol of individual expression and freedom." READ MORE


LITTLE BLACK BOOK ~ "The fanicful decor belies Angelo's fastidious technique. Models rely on him for the most face flattering cuts this side of the looking glass."

~ allure

BEAUTY GENIUS AWARD: THE MODEL WHISPERER ~ "Downtown party girls and up-and-coming models flock to Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor... he does it all-cut, color, style..."

~ elle

CRITICS PICK ~ "Since the salon opened in 2005, the Prive/Stephen Knoll/Robert Kree-groomed Angelo has been the go-to guy for hordes of high-profile model types...” READ MORE

~ new york magazine

THE DOMINO EFFECT: WHY A DRAMATIC HAIRCUT CHANGES EVERYTHING ~ " For Angelo, it’s all about a harmony between the masculine and feminine. “A lot of women feel a little tomboyish with shorter hair,” he says, so to tip the scale back toward womanly, you may feel the need for a swipe of liquid liner, or a punchy jolt of crimson lipstick. “I like a bold makeup statement, like a dark lip, with a gamine cut, because sometimes long hair with intense makeup can look like a little too much.” READ MORE


WONDERLAND BEAUTY PARLOR"the fun and friendly space is an image from behind the scenes of a fashion photoshoot"


HEAD TURNER ~ The credit is due to strategic layers and highlights, but Michael Angelo, who coifed Angel Behati Prinsloo for the 2013 show, said heat is the key. "It's all about building the foundation with hot tools."

~ elle

GO BEHIND THE SCENES OF THE VICTORIA'S SECRET FASHION SHOW ~ "Hairstylist Michael Angelo dispatches from Paris." READ MORE    



FOR ONE NIGHT, A TRIP BACK IN TIME ~ “Just like with the face, hair should be sculpted,” Mr. Angelo said. “It’s the total antithesis of the look today, which is not very done. This is glamour.” READ MORE

~ The New York Times

CHANGING THE MEANING OF RED ~ "Michael Angelo, owner of the Meatpacking District's quirky-chic Wonderland Beauty Parlor, is taking a stand.The tattooed beauty expert-cum-photographer's crusade began after being "scarred" by Miranda Pearl's 2006 Glamour article on the subject." READ MORE