Michael Angelo's Wonderland Beauty Parlor
Art. Beauty. Design. Studio.


Service include full face makeup application, makeup tutorial, eye makeup only. Products include lipstick, blush, rouge, eye shadow, eye pencil, lip and brow pencil, mascara, primer, fake eyelashes, concealer, foundation.

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Is it a Wonderland makeup artist or is it your fairy godmother? Perhaps a bit of both! Let our expert artists wave their magical makeup brushes, sprinkle their fairy dust, and (voilà!) watch the glamour girl of your dreams appear before your very own eyes! Please allow 45 minutes for a Makeup Application.



What could possibly be more brilliant than visiting Wonderland for a Makeup application? Knowing how to replicate the look yourself at home! Please allow 75 minutes for a Makeup Tutorial.



Smoothing primer, undetectable concealer, rich pigments, soft brows, and perfectly lined lashes make your eyes the focus of everyone’s attention. Please allow 30 minutes for an Eyes Only.