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If You See Something

Photographs by photographer Laura Ocelli


Photographs by Laura Ocelli


if you see something, photographs by Laura Ocelli

I find that objects and surroundings tend to seek each other out. The location is already set.
- Laura Ocelli, 2008

Born in Italy, Laura Ocelli has studied visual art in Rome, Naples, and Munich. Photography is the natural consequence of her passion for drawing and painting and her deep attraction to line and color. In love with the details that she finds on the streets, fallen objects, things that seem carelessly abandoned, Laura’s focus is concentrated on absence - the stage of suspension that takes place between an action and its result. Her photographs are often lacking the human form but they contain traces of their passage. Laura’s still life photographs, for example, constitute the symbolism of daily existence and contain an implicit human presence. These everyday elements represent an infinite repertoire of ‘ready-made’ subjects, and express Laura’s fascination with normality. Her work captures the potential expression of what surrounds us and shows us its intrinsic value. Laura lives in New York City where she works as a freelance photographer for Italy’s Casa da Abitare magazine.

December 16, 2008