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Name: Jesse Henry

Instagram: @jessecolton18

Star Sign: Taurus

Hometown: Mystic, Connecticut

The Aesthetic of My Work as a Hairstylist: Natural. Easy. Instagram Friendly.

What I Bring to the Styling Floor: Your new GBF!

How I Found My Way To Wonderland: Wonderland found me, and we lived happily ever after.

My #1 Beauty Rule Is: Confidence

A Good Hair Day Means: I woke up like this…

Most Valued Quality in a Wonderland Guest: A friendly smile goes a long way.

Sources of Inspiration: Anything from a vintage roller set to grunge. Youtube. Instagram. If it’s out there, I’ll find it.

Style Icons: My mom is the OG for me.

Top Model: Bella Models has an amazing men’s board…. Hint hint.

Favorite Designer: Uniqlo because it is chic and accessible

Favorite Film: Mean Girls

Favorite Artist: Classical art, for it's inspiring combination of technique and beauty

Best Madonna Song: X-Static Process

My Hidden Talent Is: Photography