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Michael Angelo


Name: Michael Angelo

Instagram: @m_r_angelo

Star Sign: Sagittarius

Hometown: Plainfield, N.J. (like Irving Penn) 

The Aesthetic of My Work as a Hairstylist: Believable.

What I Bring to the Styling Floor: A lot of practice.

How I Found My Way To Wonderland: I grew up here.

My #1 Beauty Rule Is: Have a point of view.

A Good Hair Day Means: The whole world is thinking about how hot you are.

Most Valued Quality in a Wonderland Guest: Honesty.

Sources of Inspiration: My incredible team at Wonderland and the people who trust me with their image. 

Style Icons: Marilyn. Madonna. Moss.

Top Model: Linda Evangelista

Favorite Designer: 😬

Favorite Film: La Dolce Vita, Peter Pan, The Wizard of Oz

Favorite Artist: John Currin, Michelangelo

Best Madonna Song: Holiday 

My Hidden Talent Is: I am an epic nail artist.