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* The above images feature a selection of haircuts, colors and stylings by Michael Angelo.

Michael Angelo's Wonderland Workshops were created to bring commercial, wearable looks to elite salons and stylists across the nation. Our mission? To make the world a more beautiful place. We are here to share the signature coloring, cutting and styling techniques that we use every day to achieve beautiful results in the salon as well as on set.


In the Blank Canvas Series, Michael will share the versatile, timeless haircuts and highlighting techniques that have earned him the title “The Model Whisperer”. The Blank Canvas Series can go from undone to polished in a blink of the eye. These cuts are long lasting and cherished by models, stylists and salon clients. Once Michael has demonstrated one of the following cuts, he will show quick and easy ways to style and finish the hair. He will share his tips and tricks on how to make a wearable, beautiful shape that grows in perfectly. 

Blank Canvas Long:

This is the “go-to” layered cut for long hair; it embraces the freedom and beauty of modern hairdressing! In this one day workshop we will explore how to create soft, natural movement, while maintaining a luxurious and healthy perimeter. These techniques can be applied to a variety of lengths and textures, can include a fringe and have endless finishing options. By far, our most popular workshop. 

Blank Canvas Mid-length:

The perfect “in-between length” will be discussed and demonstrated in this one day workshop. We will explore choices for a tailored mid-length cut and examine details such as lifestyle, body frame, face shape and weight distribution. This is a great class for those looking to master balance and develop the hand and eye. Whether styled like Debbie Harry or Marilyn Monroe, the versatility of this haircut makes it a must for any stylist’s repertoire.

Blank Canvas Short:

Short. Chic. Edgy. Modern. Androgynous. In this one day workshop, we will explore how to create the perfect crop through simple, refined techniques. Minding details and thinking in shapes will be discussed as we demonstrate the ideal, versatile short hair, which can be styled from gamine to ultra feminine. This is a great class for those looking to hone their scissor skills.

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In the Signature Blank Canvas Color Series, Michael will break down his theory on how to develop an eye for believable haircolor. The Blank Canvas Color Series is a hybrid of foil and balayage techniques. The goal is lived-in, sophisticated color. Once Michael has demonstrated his approach to dimensional color, he will show a quick and easy way for colorists to style the hair. He will share his tips and tricks on how to create a wearable, beautiful color that maintains hair health and grows in perfectly. 


Lived-in. Sunkissed. BELIEVABLE. This one day workshop addresses haircolor needs by using different techniques throughout the hair. Foils are used near the roots for a cleaner, more precise coloration; balayage is applied on the ends, allowing for a softer, blended color-wash. The result: precision that blends seamlessly into a soft gradation; hair color that looks casual, yet still fresh and clean.This is a great class for anyone wanting to take their highlighting technique to the next level.



In the Signature Styling Series, Michael will break down his theory on how to easily and efficiently put hair up in a intentional and beautiful way. The Signature Styling Series can go from casual to formal in a blink of the eye. Michael will focus on a committed point of view and wearable, modern styles which can be done on a salon schedule. 

Polished Perfection:

Red Carpet. Glamour. Chic. Done. In this one day workshop we will create polished looks pulled directly from iconic inspirations. Michael will share his tips and tricks on how to use product, pins, elastics, irons and sets to create timeless looks.These techniques can be applied to a variety of lengths and textures. This class is for anyone who wants to develop a better understanding of shape and form while gaining confidence in the art of hairdressing. 


Tumbling. Loose. Undone- but never any less chic. In this one day workshop we will create sexy, undone updos. Michael will share his tried and true techniques to get hair up, make it look pretty and be sure it stays up all night. He will explore texture, twists, buns, pinning and more. This is a great workshop for those who would like to challenge themselves in creating natural, textured updos. 

Editorial Inspirations:

Cinematic Glamour. Avant Garde. Victoria’s Secret. In these ever evolving workshops, Michael will use his tried and true techniques of transforming a signature set into something editorially photographable. We will use techniques learned in Perfectly Polished and Unstyled to create inspirational looks. We will explore the unconventional and break the rules of traditional styling. This is the most advanced of styling workshops, and nothing is off limits. Usually, with a photoshoot finale!

Cameras and/or smart phones are recommended for photographing final looks. Photography and retouching by Michael and/or his team is available at an additional rate.